I know you need it, you know you need it, see Miss Monica and finally get ...

The Spanking You Deserve

Secret Admirer Revealed

This is the lovely gift I reveived in the mail.

It came without a card, but I had a pretty good idea it was you.

Thank you, R.

One of these days I'll use it on you, I promise.

Real Punishment

We've had lots of chats, Miss Monica and I. Online chats, phone chats, and several in-person sessions. Our time together, whatever the medium, always addresses one undeniable point about me: deep inside, I'm very naughty, and will always be naughty. That fact always brings me back to her, and she always sets me straight with the spanking I deserve.

After many talks, I broached the concept of "real punishment”. It’s something I’ve thought about but I also know those are pretty big, brave words to say. 

When I'm alone, touching what I'm not supposed to touch without her permission, “real punishment” is as exciting as it is scary. “Real punishment” is easy to say or hear in chat or on the phone because right then, let’s face it, the purpose of hearing it isn't exactly punishment!

But today I heard those words in a much more meaningful way.

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"But, I'm not in Colorado!" he said.

If you don't live in Colorado, or aren't visiting Colorado, what's a naughty boy to do? How is he going to get the Miss Monica fix he so desperately needs?

The answer is simple. Call me!

I know some of you are skeptics, but a phone session can do you a world of good.

It's safe, easy, and immediately available. Even for those who live in Denver, no one can see me on a whim. But you can call any time you're ready for conversation, counseling, scolding, instruction, and release.

Why don't you give it a try. 720-663-0010. I'm waiting for you.


Dear Greg, who just signed up for the club, and others in a similar position. I can't respond to you unless you give me a working email. When my reply is bounced back undeliverable, there's nothing else I can do. Please make sure you type correctly when you join the club. :)

The Bath Brush

Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? But the naughty boy who gave it to me will tell you, it hurts! Thank you for the gift, and you're welcome for the swats.


A sweet end to a great session. Thanks T!

To Miss Monica

Ms. Monica I was very nervous as I entered the space for our first meeting, but your confidence and light humor quickly dispelled any concerns.

You spent the time to fully understand what I wanted and you knew exactly how to make our first session very memorable.

I am looking forward to our next meeting. Thank you very much!

To Woo

The truffles are delightful! Thank you.

I'll have one a day, and think of you with each bite.

Some men just know how to woo a girl.

And wooing Miss Monica is never a bad idea.

Less is More

Not all spankings are created equal.

Just because you come to see me doesn’t mean you have to be punished severely. I can put the big wood paddle away, I can leave my favorite strap in the case, and you can lie across my lap for a




hand spanking.

Your bare bottom will get pink and warm, the sensations will build over time, until you feel that wonderful glow on the skin.

Don’t be mistaken, if you need to be punished, you will be. But I also know that sometimes, less is more.

First Time

For every boy who’s ever come to see me - there was a first time.

A first time filled with uncertainty. A first time when he wasn’t sure what to expect. A first time of tingling nerves and fluttering stomach.

Yet if he manages to make it to my door that first time he’ll find all his doubt melts away. The fear disappears. Everything he’s gone through to make this decision becomes worth it, because finally, he’s going to get what he needs.

I know it can be a tough decision to trust me the first time, but sometimes you have to believe before you see.

Take that leap of faith - I’ll catch you.

A Boy Who Got It Right

I am very pleased with naughty boy T.

He came well prepared for his session, and brought me a chocolate croissant from Panera!

Thank you, my dear.

My Very Own Ball Jar

The Nerve

“I finally got up the nerve to call you...”

It’s something I hear quite often from my phone virgins. I realize dialing my number for the first time might be stressful, but I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about.

You’re calling my home number - I’m the only one who ever answers my phone, and I’m anxious to get to know you.

The first time you call we can chat for a minute or two, and if you’re ready to do a full session, it can be set up immediately with your credit card. I’m eager to hear about your experiences and fantasies and am happy to share my own.

So don’t be shy - decide to be adventurous. 720-663-0010 will lead you to the spanking you deserve, and more.

“I finally got up the nerve to call you...” is invariably followed by

“But I’m glad I did!

Be Careful What You Ask For

Our session has been on the books for a while now. I’ve had some time to think. To plan. And so have you. As the appointed date grows near, the impending reality settles heavy on your mind. When you stand on my doorstep, that knot of excitement in your belly twists harder than ever, for this is far different from fantasy.

You’re here by choice, and yet you know you could never choose another path. You need this. You’ve asked for this. You want this, even though more than once you’ve faltered on the journey to get here.

To be with me.

In person.

Face to face.

You quiver as the door swings open. Be careful what you ask for...you just might get it.

In Praise of Phone Sessions

Some of my clients have scoffed at phone sessions, until they tried one with me. Even if your previous phone experience has been less than stellar, you owe it to yourself to sample what I have to offer.

Consider this: Phone session rates are less expensive than in-person ones, and you’ll have no extra travel or hotel costs. Phone sessions are easy, fast, and safe, requiring no prep, no travel, no extra arrangements. Phone sessions are packed with unlimited fantasy and creativity. We can discuss anything.

An additional benefit, phone sessions are the best way to get to know each other in preparation for an in-person meeting.

With my hypnotic voice in your ear we will discover your deepest desires. We’ll share a connection you’d never dream possible with so many miles between us, but if you close your eyes and open your mind, I will transport you to my world of pleasure and pain. You will obey, you will submit, and I will guide you to complete surrender.

My Writing Slave's Offering

Her finger sways before my eyes

Her eyes are lasers

Burning obedience into my soul


Sometimes our timing is good, and other times it's downright terrible. If you've tried to call me and we've missed each other repeatedly, please don't give up. I can't wait to hear your voice again.

Mother's Washcloth Treatment

A boy makes a miscalculation during a scolding...

“That naughty tongue is going to learn,” Mother says, filling the sink with water. I watch as she takes the bar of Ivory soap and scrubs up a mountain of bubbles. Then she lets it slip from between her palms and it bobs in the cloudy lake she just created.

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Visiting Aunt Monica

A story written by William.

“Hello Aunt Monica.” I’d practiced the simple phrase over and over while driving to her house. I wanted to sound confident and calm when I greeted her, but instead, my voice cracked and shot up in pitch when I finally saw her face to face.

Aunt Monica stood at the threshold of her front door and smiled. “William. Come in!” She clasped my arm and drew me into the warm entryway of her house. “My you’ve grown up. It’s been a number of years since you spent the holidays with me.”

I nodded. “Ten, I think.”

Aunt Monica looked me up and down. “I remember those visits quite well.”

Of course she did. I did, too. I nodded again, flushing.

“I was surprised when you called to say you were passing through town. I’m so happy you can spend the afternoon and have dinner together.” Aunt Monica moved to living room and settled on the sofa. She patted the seat beside her. “Here sit down and tell me what’s going on with you.”

What’s going on... It was easy for me to brag to her. I was now vice-president of a large company. I had lots of people working for me. I owned a Mercedes and a beach house and any other whimsical desire I could think of was fulfilled.

Aunt Monica seemed interested and quite proud of my accomplishments. But when I began to talk about some of the trips I’d taken, the ones which included long nights of partying, I saw her eyebrow rise and the smile fade.

Immediately I changed the subject. Even though I wasn’t a teenager anymore, I could tell Aunt Monica still felt responsible for making me the perfect gentleman, and I do mean perfect. When I was living at home, my mother couldn’t always get through to me.

That’s where Aunt Monica came in.

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Waiting is the hardest part.

I’m pacing back and forth...waiting for the phone to ring...for her to tell me that it is time to get ready. The minutes linger, and so does the knot in my stomach...hoping the phone will ring but also dreading that moment.

Finally it rings.

Miss Monica tells me she is in the parking lot of my hotel. She reminds me of what a NAUGHTY boy I am, and tells me to get ready. I hang up, crack the door so that she can come right in, and then go stand in the corner. The time clicks by slower than ever as I wait.

I hear the door open. Someone comes in and the lock clicks. Surely it’s her, but there’s a small possibility it could be someone else. Over my shoulder I hear rustling sounds, and I peek to see Miss Monica removing the instruments from her bag which will soon be put to use. On me!

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A Note From One Of My Boys

PL writes with such eloquence in our email correspondence that I have to share.

Posted with his permission.

Dear Miss Monica,

Our last call was, as ever, an experience that lingers with intensity long after that final caring good night message and beep of the call ending. In one way it's the moment you don't wish for when you're heavily immersed in an experience that you want to go on forever. In another way it is the trance like feeling that comes over my body after every sinew has been on a glorious edge for 2 hours.

You have amazing skills in being able to not just understand me but weave it into a mesmerizing erotic and sensual journey. I think it's been over a year now since I first called and yet every time is a mixture of familiarity and exploration. Familiarity because you know me and my fetish so well. Exploration because I truly don't know exactly where we will actually go mentally or physically.

Every call always begins and ends with your caring and filled will intensity and eroticism in between. I truly couldn't ask for anyone better to submit to and be led by. You are masterful (or perhaps it should be Mistresserful) and I'm so grateful to have found you. I'm soooooo looking forward to our next call and disappearing with you into that fantasy world that you create for us.

You are without question my Domina, my Glorious Mistress, and most wonderful Miss Monica.

With yearning & gratitude,

P.L. from NE